Gavino Piana / Mònica Vilert. Reverse

  • When:   November 20, 2021 - November 26, 2021
  • this event is ended

Contemporary art

Gavino Piana / Mònica Vilert. Reverse

Arte Borgo Gallery hosts the Reverse exhibition from 20 to 26 November 2021, an emblematic title that underlines the expressive difference between two international artists Gavino Piana and Mònica Vilert.

The research and artistic expression of Gavino Piana and Mònica Vilert invite users to dialogue by making them perceive the personal sense of the two artists who give us their different interpretations by exploring their most intimate dimension. Gavino Piana in his artistic career did not disdain the informal before reaching the last phase with representations of things and places. In his production the real representation is often a denunciation that is enhanced by the brushstrokes that become pure energy. A passion that of Gavino Piana that has always accompanied his existence and that in recent times he manages to live completely. Mònica Vilert is an artist with a propensity for drawing and painting, which sprouted from an early age, continued with academic studies. Mònica Vilert's works arise from profound reflections in which flat or volumetric forms become investigation and self-knowledge. The various materials used enhance the refinement of her works. Cardboard, paper, ropes, marble dust, cement paste, plaster or wax make up her color palette.

Title: Gavino Piana / Mònica Vilert. Reverse

Opening: November 20, 2021

Ending: November 26, 2021

Organization: Arte Borgo Gallery

Curator: Anna Isopo e Giorgia Pirone

Place: Arte Borgo Gallery - Roma

Address: Borgo Vittorio 25 - 00193 Roma

More info on this website:

Facebook: arteborgogallery

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