Landscape and Vision

  • When:   July 06, 2022 - September 04, 2022
  • this event is ended

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Landscape and Vision

With the patronage of the Department of Culture, the city of Bassano del Grappa together with the Civic Museums and MAReA cultura present the exhibition "Landscape and vision", organized by the curators Enrica Feltracco and Massimiliano Sabbion, together with Yourbanflat, Bottega Immobiliare and Blonde and Brains .
The exhibition presents twenty-five artists, national and international, who through painting, sculpture, photography, video art and textiles tell the landscape that surrounds us, together with the more intimate and spiritual one of the human soul, which finds correspondence in nature and in its beauty.

The "Landscape and vision" exhibition is a project born thanks to Enrica Feltracco, Massimiliano Sabbion, together with Yourbanflat, Bottega Immobiliare and Blonde and Brains, and created thanks to the support of Aspiag Service - Despar, Montelvini and Caddy's.
Nature, the landscape and everything that surrounds the human being have always been themes dear to artists and their representation of the self, through the different artistic techniques.
The artists are the spokespersons and the expression of the beauty inherent in nature that they observe and admire. They tell their point of view and at the same time their feelings in front of it.

Contemporary art has continued this observation and reflection.

The "Landscape and vision" exhibition addresses, through the different artistic means, the search for that landscape and that context, which persist before the eyes of the artists, and which then become something else: an interior landscape and a place of the soul.

Painting, sculpture, photography, video art and textiles are the techniques used by the artists who wanted to tell their idea of landscape and nature, deepening the theme that is also so delicate and very topical, such as the impoverishment of the planet and climate change.... read the rest of the article»

The curator Enrica Feltracco says that: “The works collected here often have a disturbing trait: airships floating on a gray void, tables set that seem hastily abandoned, nuclear dawns, now icy now fiery; urban intersections with anaerobic crowds; but also aerobic human appearances in the bush, in search of a contact of regeneration with a "nature" that we find it increasingly difficult to define; vital human-botanical and human-animal essences, but also a more familiar little suburban intersection with utilitarian and air conditioner, or the gaze of the thousand "fly" eyes of immense skyscrapers immersed in pitch. Again, white marble flowers raped by a helmet; lava flows - will these also be from "natural" or internal volcanoes? - and a country lane so peaceful, but with the anxiety in our bodies, what will happen after that bump? "

Art helps to understand the situation in which society finds itself and the problems to be faced and solved for a more welcoming and sustainable world and nature.

Contemporary art in all its forms, continues the curator Massimiliano Sabbion, leads us to: "try to understand who we are, where we are going, what we are looking for, we, Men immersed in the created space and in the space we have built to learn to look at ourselves around and then coexist with nature, with other living beings, with the idea of a globalization that breaks down distances and with the surrounding landscape and our inner worlds. "

The exhibition is housed inside the Civic Tower of Bassano del Grappa, a building built in the first half of the 1300s and probably born "as a garrison to protect the city from the danger of fires", says Cristina Mondin, manager of the Civic Tower.
"The Tower is the building that with its 43 meters of height overlooks all the roofs and looks beyond: the plain, the foothills, the Monte Grappa massif, the Altopiano dei Sette municipalities; landscapes so different that it is in Bassano that they blend in harmony and balance. The Civic Tower can therefore be considered the natural venue for hosting this exhibition which offers an unprecedented reading of the Bassano landscape, and beyond, through the visionary gaze of the artists "

Councilor Giovannella Cabion continues confirming how "the choice of the Civic Tower as an exhibition venue is interesting for a project of excellence like this one. From above, everyone can enjoy the magnificent panorama that opens up before their eyes and at the same time reflect on their emotions, on their own interpretations of what is "horizon". The artists involved offer us theirs and they will not fail to amaze and excite. As an Administration, we think it is a different way to promote tourism closely linked to culture, linking one of the symbols of the history of our city in the eyes of the artists, who through the language of their works, help us to grasp every nuance of the present ".

Artists on show:

Alessio Bolognesi
Daniele Bozzano
Constanza Camila Kramer Garfias
Robin e Geraldine Cerutti
Marco Chiurato
Chiara Coltro
Chanel Durante
Nadia Fanelli
Tina Feingold
Alberto Fiorenzato
Franz Chi
Alice Guarnieri - Matteo Palu’
Marco Lando
Corrado Marchese
Stefano Martignago
Serge Micheloni
Raffaele Minotto
Ioan Pilat
Alessandro Rinaldi
Silvia Scuderi
Mariarosaria Stigliano
Andrea Tagliapietra
Elisabetta Vazzoler
Nicola Villa

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Title: Landscape and Vision

Opening: July 06, 2022

Ending: September 04, 2022

Curator: Enrica Feltracco e Massimiliano Sabbion

Place: Torre Civica di Bassano del Grappa (VI)

Address: Via Vendramini - 36061 Bassano del Grappa (VI)

Admission: € 3 full, € 2 reduced; evening openings, € 2 for everyone.

Opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday 9.00 - 13.00 / 15.00 - 20.00
Every Wednesday in July open until 11.00pm

Facebook: torrecivicabassano