GAM - Galleria d’Arte Moderna Achille Forti

from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 to 18
last admission at 5.15pm
closed on Mondays
Modern Art Gallery ticket
Full: € 4.00
Reduced: € 2.5
School groups: € 1.00

Combined ticket Achille Forti Modern Art Gallery + Lamberti Tower
Full: € 6.00
Reduced: € 5.00
School groups: € 1.00

Tickets available at the ticket office and online on the website

Indirizzo: Corte Mercato Vecchio, 6 - 37121 Verona

Tel: +39 045 8001903


The Gallery of Modern Art of Verona, housed in the Palazzo della Ragione, was created by the will of Achille Forti, who left most of his possessions and his art collection as an exceptional fund for the establishment of the city museum dedicated to the arts.

In 2021 the Gallery of Modern Art was renewed, with the proposal of a new exhibition itinerary enriched with important innovations from the collection of the Civic Museums and never seen before by the public.

The exhibition 'Enchantment and vision: towards modernity' awaits visitors in the renewed spaces of the Gam, dedicated to the masters who have been able to tell the process of 'emancipation' towards modernity.

The new exhibition itinerary, curated by Francesca Rossi and Patrizia Nuzzo, intends to present the languages of those artists who, with courage and faith in the future, were able to free themselves from academic ties, inaugurating new artistic practices and processes. An almost 'revolutionary' artistic research, aimed at modernity.
An exhibition structured through the formula of the rotation of the works of the GAM collection, which aims to make known most of the works kept in the deposits and, as regards some works, never exhibited before.

The exhibition is articulated from the lessons of the Tuscan Macchiaioli, with the works of Telemaco Signorini, to Vincenzo Cabianca, to the Posillipo school with Guglielmo Ciardi, to that of Resina with the Palizzi brothers, to reach the symbolist atmospheres 'fin de siècle' with Alfredo Savini, Angelo Dall'Oca Bianca, Ruperto Banterle, Mario Salazzari and Vincenzo De Stefani.

The secessionist languages - documented through the corpus of works by Felice Casorati, Angelo Zamboni, Gino Rossi - together with the divisionist works of Baldassare Longoni and the splendid Maternity by Gaetano Previati, exceptional loan from the Banco BPM collection, mark the arrival of a modernity now unavoidable. It is the time when artists set out to explore new territories of language, where painting can only tell itself, through the magic of color, the tension of forms, the enchantment of light, the richness of matter.

Inside the exhibition there is also a new space specially dedicated to donations, entitled 'Thanks to'. A project wanted by the Civic Museums management, to highlight the contribution of collectors and artists who, with their generosity and passion for art and museums, contribute to increasing and enhancing the public heritage. The space is inaugurated by the project for the Ponte della Vittoria, 1925, by Albano Vitturi, donated by Cristina Fraccaroli Tantini in 2021.

The exhibition is the first new exhibition path created with the renewed lighting system. A project completed last March, which makes it possible to enhance the exhibition spaces and works, making the museum more attractive and at the same time saving on energy consumption.

"On display the flower of the 19th and early 20th century from Verona and other schools - explains the director Rossi -. The Gallery preserves numerous masterpieces of this period never seen before and which, with this renewal proposal, are presented to the public in a completely revised exhibition itinerary, whose common thread is 'modernity' and, with it, the look to the future of visionary artists of that period. All this in a disruptive creative energy, which underlines the desire to leave the past behind and to turn our gaze to the most modern artistic expressions. A very fascinating journey, between paintings and sculptures all related from the point of view of dynamics and themes ".

Last updated: June 2021

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