59th Venice Art Biennale

"Galla" by Aaron Nachtailer, a 20 m2 floating forest in the Grand Canal

During the 59th Venice Art Biennale, Argentinean artist Aaron Nachtailer's installation "Galla", a 20m2 Floating Forest, is presented in the Grand Canal.
The forest, in front of the imposing palaces, seems fragile, and represents the state of vulnerability of all the forests in the world. At the same time, the forest is a metaphor for Venice itself, fragile, with an uncertain future, because of climate change and rising waters.

"An invitation to the visitor to find a balance with himself and with Nature".

"Galla" aims to help create awareness for the protection of biodiversity and forests, it is a sustainable and responsible work in all its stages of implementation.
Throughout history, mankind has transformed its relationship with Nature. Before man feared and respected it, he was a gatherer and hunter. Then he respected and domesticated it through agriculture and the art of gardening. Until he exploited and destroyed it.
With an intervention of "green-cultural" impact, the artist brings the forest to the city. On water he creates a reversal of perceptions. It highlights the uniqueness and has the power to act as an intersection between past, present and future.
An itinerant artwork on view from April 20 on the Grand Canal.
There is no time or entrance ticket to visit it, allowing a direct relationship between the work, the public and the landscape. A work that confronts nature and the city.
The project, which began as an art installation, will be developed in an Augmented Reality version, will also be presented on April 27th in the metaverse Decentreland Museum District and will culminate with a Start-up (to understand the possible implications of floating forests).

Aaron Nachtailer
In a deep search for a connection with himself, exploring ideas rather than conventional aesthetics, flowing between sculptures and installations, his work immediately highlights the search for a new spatiality. Characterized by the use of the natural materials, introducing primitive forms and distinctive elements that are transformed into poetic energy through mechanisms of the imaginary and the representation of thought and spirituality through the senses.

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