Monet on display in Padua: an unmissable destination for painting enthusiasts

The double appointment with French painting from the late 19th century and the early decades of the 20th century continues in Padua, particularly focusing on Claude Monet, one of the fathers of Impressionism. With his later works, Monet was able to anticipate the informal and abstract expressionism movements.

Claude Monet, Stagno delle Ninfee, 1918-19, Olio su tela, 73 x 105 cm, Parigi, Musée Marmottan Monet, lascito di Michel Monet, @Musée Marmottan Paris

The two main exhibition centers for temporary exhibitions in the capital of the Veneto region, already home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to precious 14th-century fresco cycles, are currently hosting two major exhibitions dedicated to French painting that anticipated the developments towards modern painting of the 20th century, focusing in particular on Claude Monet, one of the fathers of Impressionism and among the most beloved painters of all time.

The first exhibition to open was at Palazzo Zabarella, which is showcasing 59 works from the European collection of the Brooklyn Museum until May 12, 2024. "From Monet to Matisse. French Moderns, 1850–1950," in addition to featuring some of the most well-known names associated with the Impressionist movement, expands its scope to other key movements of the period, such as realism, post-Impressionism, symbolism, fauvism, cubism, and surrealism. Among Monet's works, visitors can admire a painting dating back to the early 1880s, such as "High Tide at Pourville" from 1882, as well as a later work from the series dedicated to the English Parliament, "The Parliament, Sunlight Effect," from 1903.

Alta marea a Pourville

Claude Monet, Alta marea a Pourville, 1882. Olio su tela, 66 x 81.3 cm. Brooklyn Museum, dono di Mrs. Horace O. Havemeyer, 41.1260. (Photo: Brooklyn Museum)

For an overview of the exhibition setup at Palazzo Zabarella, you can watch this video presentation.

Watch and discover the exhibition

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We could say that the exhibition on the French Moderns serves as an excellent appetizer for lovers of Monet's paintings, who will be thoroughly satisfied by the exhibition at the Centro Culturale Altinate San Gaetano, which opened in early March and will conclude on July 21st. The exhibition "Monet. Masterpieces from the Musée Marmottan Monet in Paris," while presenting some works by contemporary artists with whom Monet had friendships or who somehow influenced him in the early rooms, is entirely dedicated to the great French master, addressing his entire life and artistic career. It begins with paintings from the more distinctly Impressionist period, then moves on to those produced during his travels in Normandy, Norway, London, and the Netherlands, and concludes with his later production, when Claude Monet created what he himself defined as his most beautiful work of art, the Garden of Giverny.... read the rest of the article»

Monet, il Treno nelle nece

Claude Monet, Il treno nella neve. La locomotiva, 1875, olio su tela, 59x78 cm, Parigi, Musée Marmottan Monet, dono Eugène et Victorine Donop de Monchy, 1940, @Musée Marmottan Paris

And it was precisely during this creative phase, also due to a progressive loss of vision, that the Master was able to evolve his painting towards new outcomes, which naturally connect him to the painting movements of Informalism and American Abstract Expressionism.

In the masterpieces of Giverny, one can observe his extraordinary ability to transpose tones of color and the most imperceptible nuances, leading to a reversal of the pictorial paradigm of his youthful phase. The small-format canvases dedicated to landscapes and wide spaces give way to large canvases that focus on small details of his garden, in a constant search for light that materializes on the surfaces of water and vegetation. In addition to the splendid exhibited paintings, the visitor is also captivated by highly spectacular passages and immersive rooms, as well as educational and video supports that enrich and complete an exhibition of absolute quality.

You can also get a preview of some of the key passages and artworks of the exhibition by watching our video narrative.


Watch and discover the exhibition

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