Contemporary Sculpture. From Sicily to Venice, two sculptors engage with the "genius loci" and history.

Francesco Diluca and Lorenzo Quinn, two Italian artists and sculptors, provide a tangible example of how contemporary sculpture imposes no limits on materials and techniques. They are exhibiting in Sicily and Venice, respectively, until September 2024. read more»


The Futurism and Its Legacy: 4 current Exhibitions and one upcoming to understand it better

Futurism, with its fervent celebration of modernity, speed, and dynamism, stands out among the avant-gardes of the twentieth century as one of the most influential movements, radically redefining the very concept of art and anticipating many of the themes and techniques that would characterize artistic evolution throughout the twentieth century. read more»

Special events

May between exhibitions and museums. Free-entry appointments and other special events

May is an extraordinary month for enjoying museums and other art and culture venues, not only in Italy. In addition to the usual Sunday at the Museum on the first Sunday of the month, there are three unique events: Kid Pass Days, International Museum Day, and Museum Night 2024. read more»

Art alphabet

The Art from A to Z. A for Autoritratto (Self-portrait)

Let's start a series of appointments to develop our own personal art alphabet, while remaining faithful to our mission of communicating the exhibition news with some digressions into history and curiosity. read more»


Donna in Scena (Woman on Stage): Boldini, Selvatico, Martini

It was a unique era, known in France as the Belle Époque, which also involved the Italian upper bourgeoisie and nobility, with true celebrities like Eleonora Duse and Wally Toscanini, in a race towards modernity and fashion. A fashion and a desire for female emancipation immortalized by the greatest masters of portrait genre. read more»


Parma, Brescia, Trieste: three cities "invaded" by Art.

In Parma, there is the Festival of Contemporary Creativity, while in Brescia, "It is currently ongoing the Brescia Photo Festival and the exhibition "I Macchiaioli". In Trieste, there are exhibitions featuring Van Gogh, Ligabue, "Le vie delle Foto", and also Sebastião Salgado. Three cities where art takes center stage in the month of April. read more»


Monet on display in Padua: an unmissable destination for painting enthusiasts

The double appointment with French painting from the late 19th century and the early decades of the 20th century continues in Padua, particularly focusing on Claude Monet, one of the fathers of Impressionism. With his later works, Monet was able to anticipate the informal and abstract expressionism movements. read more»


Monet's Masterpieces from the Musée Marmottan Monet: An immersion into the world of the father of Impressionism in Padua

Padua doubles up: alongside "French Moderns" at Palazzo Zabarella, the Altinate - San Gaetano Cultural Center responds with another internationally flavored exhibition, bringing the most intimate Monet to the city of the Scrovegni Chapel. read more»


Toulouse-Lautrec at Palazzo Roverella: the story of an artist and an era

A new major international exhibition in Rovigo, following those dedicated to Kandinsky, Renoir, and Chagall. The venue is Palazzo Roverella, a building with a Ferrarese imprint in the heart of the city's historic center, owned by the municipality. After restoration, it has become one of the most recognized exhibition spaces for art in the entire region. read more»


Van Gogh in Trieste: ten reasons that make the exhibition a must-see

"Van Gogh," or the exhibition of superlatives. Here are ten reasons why the exhibition dedicated to the great Dutch painter in the city of Trieste should absolutely not be missed. read more»