Kyle Austin Dunn. Motto

  • When:   April 27, 2024 - June 22, 2024

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Kyle Austin Dunn. Motto

Nicola Pedana Gallery is pleased to present "Motto," the first European solo exhibition of young Californian artist Kyle Austin Dunn, from April 28 to June 22, 2024 in Caserta, Italy.

The term "motto" generally means, in both the English and Italian languages, a word or term that is collectively and socially recognized and shared by a group of individuals. History throughout its time has provided a variety of words by which concepts, ideologies and thoughts have been encapsulated. They have had such importance in the lives of people that they have been a source of inspiration and by which they have been led. From this concept takes shape the artist's work, which through his poetics, allows for a deeper exploration of the very essence of the concept of "motto" and how it can influence and guide the individual.
His paintings are characterized by a vibrant energy and a profound search for balance between form and color. Intertwining and overlapping lines create an intense variety of hues and shapes, which merge into a harmonious three-dimensional whole. The 'artist works on the canvas like a precise and thoughtful machine, developing for each line a criterion, a dimension that lives in relation to the others. The result is extremely optical, dystopian and illusionistic. Like waves, vibrations and draperies whose composition seems to move under our gaze. Through his artistic expression, he manages to convey a sense of universality and sharing of human experiences, thanks to the ability to create a common visual language that speaks directly to the heart and mind of the viewer. Like the motto, the artist's realized forms become an expression of something collective; the gaze thus becomes homologous in the interpretive and sensory act, regardless of perspective.
Kyle Austin Dunn thus confirms himself as an emerging talent in the contemporary art scene, capable of transforming abstract concepts into engaging and evocative visual works.
The exhibition conceived and designed for the gallery spaces, is presented as a river of colors, lines and shapes in which everyone can find their own guiding spirit, their own motto.

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Title: Kyle Austin Dunn. Motto

Opening: April 27, 2024

Ending: June 22, 2024

Organization: Galleria Nicola Pedana

Place: Caserta, Galleria Nicola Pedana

Address: Piazza Giacomo Matteotti 60 - 81100 Caserta (CE)

Vernissage: Saurday April 27,  6 pm

Finissage: Saturday June 22 2024

Info: | (+39) 0823 32 26 38 | (+39) 3926793401