Helen Tóth. Among These Trees Is My Hiding Spot

  • When:   April 04, 2024 - May 05, 2024
  • this event is ended

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Helen Tóth. Among These Trees Is My Hiding Spot

Curva Pura is pleased to present Helen Tóth's first solo exhibition in Rome, Among These Trees Is My Hiding Spot, curated by Nicoletta Provenzano and Vittorio Beltrami, with the support of the Slovak Institute in Rome and the support of the Slovak Arts Council.
The exhibition, part of the events of Open House Roma 2024, is an immersion into the intimate heart of the forest, a breath in the arboreal atmosphere that takes on pictorial substance, delving into secret hiding places of branches and sentimental archives of woodland essences.

Helen Tóth, in an impetuous and brilliant pictorial gesturality, leads the viewer through a wild universe, in which to find a palpitating and lashing nature, universal guardian of the cohesion between light and shadow.
The unveiling of breezes and mists are chromatic voices of a journey through the shadowy tangle of a dense dance of melts, along the steps of the seasons.
The forest and its symbiotic and multiform vegetal whirlpools trace an intricate and limpid, fluid and essential path in the artist's oils on canvas.
Like precious hybrids of a territory belonging as much to reality as to the secrets of the intimate, minimal portions of a germinating nature compose a humus of memories, a poetic collection of vegetating hybrids that become a sensory universe and mysterious matrices of nature's forms.

Constructing physical and mental spaces, between woods and clearings, the works, in a dialogue between installation and painting, lead the gaze between passages and forks and the radical emergencies of the places where they originated.
The enchanted journey through the semiotic density of a plant life nourished by perceptual gusts and poetic sensitivity transformed into a lyrical luxuriance.
The artist, part of the artists of the Blu : gallery in Modra (SVK) and currently in residence in Rome, will enter directly into dialogue with the gallery spaces and with the territory of the Capital in a site-specific installation dedicated to the arboreal presences of the city.

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Title: Helen Tóth. Among These Trees Is My Hiding Spot

Opening: April 04, 2024

Ending: May 05, 2024

Organization: Curva Pura

Curator: Nicoletta Provenzano e Vittorio Beltrami

Place: Roma, Curva Pura

Address: Via Giuseppe Acerbi, 1a - 00154 Roma

Opening 4 Aprile 2024 ore 18:30

Hours: martedì e giovedì dalle ore 18:30 e su appuntamento - prenotare via mail curvapura@gmail.com o whatsapp 3289228797 - 3314243004

More info on this website: https://www.facebook.com/curvapura/

Facebook: curvapura

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