Simon Berger. The Doors of Perception

  • When:   July 02, 2023 - September 30, 2023
  • this event is ended

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Simon Berger. The Doors of Perception

The Sala delle Pietre  of the Museo Civico of Sansepolcro hosts, until 30 September 2023, "The Doors of Perception" by the Swiss artist Simon Berger.

Simon Berger in his works explores the fragility of the human condition through the artist's hypnotic and innovative sculptural practice. Contrary to the tradition of blown or modeled glass, in fact, Simon Berger's sculptural gesture recalls the act of engraving and sculpting on the glass surface.
This is an alternative approach to the glass portrait, which the artist himself defines as "morphogenesis", and which manages to enhance the unlimited expressive possibilities of this centuries-old material that is still too little explored.
Berger's is an artistic investigation that tests glass by pushing it to its limit, to the point of breaking: the brushstrokes become hammer blows on a glass sheet, causing cracks and breakages in the facial features.

In this exhibition Simon Berger embraces the city's artistic legacy as a starting point for a commentary that develops from Aldous Huxley's autobiographical book published in 1954 in which the author describes Piero della Francesca's Resurrection as "the greatest painting of world", thus saving it from the bombings of the Second World War. Subsequently, in his autobiographical account, the English writer examines the work of the Renaissance artist with reference to drapery, thus opening the semantics of contemplation to new modes of vision.

With The Doors of Perception, the Swiss artist undertakes to investigate precisely these mechanisms of the mind that he observes, that solitary universe in which the infinite vagueness of imagination and conception merge together.
Through an immersive installation of box-shaped glass canvases, the labyrinthine structures of the human intellect are replicated, playing with the illusion of sight and the seduction of the senses.

Title: Simon Berger. The Doors of Perception

Opening: July 02, 2023

Ending: September 30, 2023

Organization: Museo Civico Sansepolcro

Curator: Sandrine Welte e Pasquale Lettieri

Place: Sansepolcro, Museo Civico

Address: Via Niccolo' Aggiunti, 65 - 52037 Sansepolcro (AR)

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